4 Simple Ways To Find Your Motivation When You’re Feeling Down.

4 simple ways to find your motivation when you’re feeling down.

In this article, I’d like to share with you 4 simple ways to find your motivation when you’re feeling down.

I don’t believe in motivation, but there are times we need it to break down moments and keep pushing to the next level.

But it doesn’t have to be your main source of energy, but all effort needs to rely upon a keen, and burning desire for why you’re on the path of achieving this or that goal.

No matter what the size of the goal is, you can beat any of them if you intelligently combine an inner motivation and a burning devotion to hitting your goals.

And that’s the formula for big achievements.

Now, let’s dive into 4 simple hacks to find your motivation to achieve your goals faster, and keep for good procrastination.

1. Apply the 2-Minute Rule

James Clear clearly presented this 2-minute rule in his blog.

He said that if you want to build motivation, you have to make the task so small and so effortless to do that you can’t say no.

If you can do it within 2 minutes, do it. If you can’t, break down the task or just do the task in 2-minutes.

For example, if you are required to write 500 words article and you don’t feel motivated to do it, just spend 2 minutes doing it.

You can write the title, the first paragraph, a single sentence, or just do some drafts.

The key is to make the task seem so fast and so easy to do that you want to “trick” your mind into doing it so that you will take the first step.

Once you have taken the first step, the second one will automatically happen. You want to build momentum by taking the first simple step.

Don’t buy into your mind’s tricks, that’s not big enough or any excuse of that kind. Just give it 2 minutes.

2. Encircle yourself with positive people 

Creating a positive environment is a massive way to find your motivation.

People you hang out with can also be caused by pressure in your life by talking about negative things which will just go to add more oil on the fire, which can cause to lower your motivation to keep showing up.

Beware of your friends and people you spend time with. 

Choose your friends carefully, and if someone is toxic, be bold to get rid of them (in a genuine way).

You need to have a group of people that will drive you towards achieving your aims and support you down the journey.

3. Build on small successes. 

Again, if you begin small for a week, you’re going to be successful

You can’t fall if you start with something ridiculously easy. 

Who can’t exercise for 2 minutes? Anyone can do that. 

And you’ll feel successful, and good about yourself. 

Take that successful feeling and build on it with another baby step. 

Add 2-3 minutes to your exercise routine.

With each step (and each step should last about a week), you will feel even more successful. 

Make each step really, really small, and you won’t fail. 

After a few months, your small steps will add up to a lot of progress taking you to your desired outcome.

4. Cultivate a positive thinking mindset

A positive mind leads to a positive life. 

Having the capacity to deal with any hard moment is essential to save your motivation energy.

Being positive doesn’t mean just turning your back on the negative, but is your capacity to reframe any bad situation, and extract the good from it.

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